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Funimation Film pages to promote the theatrical release of


A sci-fi coming-of-age drama that features a "singing" AI and her classmates. Set in Keibu City where AI and robots are greatly integrated into daily life. Shion, an AI, is transferred to a high school to show that she can blend in with humans and to make the loner, Satomi happy! Satomi and others quickly discover Shion’s secret, but they come together to help Shion with her test. All seems to be going great until Shion goes a bit too far.

Our focus thus far has been on a film festival and award submissions as well as same-time announcements of Japan’s key promotional beats to build global brand awareness and establish Funimation’s connections early on. After locking on a firmer release timing following covid, we recently re-kicked off this title to work on our channel strategies and plans. 

My Role

- Working with the crossing-function team on designing the Funimation film home page and film page for promoting the new releasing film. 

- Utilized theatrical visual assets with the brand manager and art director and developed a style guide by optimizing design elements for the usages of paid media banners, social media assets, and Funimation app spotlight banners. 

Creative Objectives

- Drive awareness, excitement, and urgency around the release of the new anime film in theaters to hit the box office goal.

- Utilize Japan’s existing designs to develop a look that is in line with theirs for an overall global look.


Responsive Funimation films page
Global Theatrical Styleguide
Funimation app Spotlight banners
Theatrical one-sheet poster

Exhibitor banners

Social Media Postings


Creative Director
Art Director
Brand Manager
Front-end Developer
Designer - ME


Funimation Home Page

Film Release Page

Homepage Spotlight

Stakeholders requested to create homepage spotlight banners to promote to subscribers the upcoming theatrical release.

Utilizing the Key visual from the licensor to build hype and push pre-sale tickets before it is released, and actively run during the theatrical period.


Usage / Platform

Website and iOS app homepages

Screen Shot 2022-02-01 at 23.08.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-01 at 23.19.png

Sing A bit of Harmony
Exhibitor One Sheet

Created exhibition one-sheet for the distribution team to share with exhibition partners for the upcoming theatrical release of the movie.

Usage / Platform

Exhibition partner's sites, CRM, social, and landing pages

Exhibitor Web Banners &
Social Media Postings


Web banners are used for exhibitors' sites and social platforms as well as emails for the theatrical release. 

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