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Hi, my name is Jingshan Wei. I was born and raised in China. Six years ago, I moved to New York to study digital arts at Pratt Institute. I love these 2 years at school where I immersed myself in various digital media environments by experimenting with emerging tools like 3D, VR, and interactive mediums.

I am currently working as a digital designer for
Funimation, an anime streaming platform that specializes in dubbing and distribution. Working with a cross-functional team on theatrical campaigns and audience development. My routine work focuses on the development of a distinguished digital experience that caters to Anime fandom while adhering to global distribution demands.

Before at Funimation, I worked for an art initiative -
ZAZ10ts. Mainly focused on designing event collaterals, social media assets, and website design.
I believe good design should be in the proper context. That's why I found my passion shifted to create more valuable and enjoyable digital experiences by ideating design strategies and empathizing with the audience's feelings.   

When I am not working, I love reading, listening to different types of podcasts, and watching documentary films that are related to social issues and collective psychology as I am always interested in learning the ideas from people with different cultural backgrounds.

Please feel free to contact me below if you are interested in working with me.  

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