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Branding: Media Smart

Working for Media Smart from the ground up to overall branding identity and website design. Media Smart has been operating for approximately nine years but has not established its own story. My mission is to collect usable resources from stakeholders and present them in a more appealing way to the audience. I concluded that the effective marketplaces for video production companies are exposing themself to social media and convincing websites.


 Research Process:

  • Studying the brand value, essence, association, and personality from the Stakeholder's perspective. 

  • Gathering the feedback from the market of being a video production company's mission and clients' expectations. 

  • Collecting inspirations for the website design with successful case studies from similar industries in the market.

  • Research on the target audience and what elements will draw their attention.


 Branding Solutions:

  • Improving the original logo with a more minimalist layout that is fitting in the video production environment setting.  

  • Developing the design template on Social media that is associated with the brand identity.

  • Building the company portfolio and showcasing the company’s core value with successful case studies.

Brand Style guide

Social Media Assets

Website Design Strategy:

  • Setting up a clear design goal: To launch a professional and trustworthy company page by presenting the successful cases and company culture with a consistent visual identity and eye-catching design style. 

  • Understanding the design scope by extracting the helpful information of company features and website content map.

  • Ideating the website structure and finding the best solution to build efficient information architecture.

  • Developing low-fidelity wireframe in Adobe XD with a clear layout and user flow.

  • Adopting visual design elements based on the brand identity and finalizing a high-fidelity prototype. 

The main Goal: Establish an online presence that is professional and helps to accelerate the company's growth. Building a site that is easy to navigate with an excellent user experience, provides all of the necessary information for visitors, and makes it easy for potential clients interested in getting in touch


Solution: In order to draw the targeted audience's attention we will have to accurately apply the visual system to the site development.

Media Smart Target Audience Research

Infomation Map 2.png

Low Fidelity Sketch


Website Visual Style 

MS Visual Design.png

High-Fidelity Wireframes in Figma 

Prototype in Figma 

Screen Shot 2022-02-19 at 3.31.30 PM.png
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